Our company takes charge of all the facets of electrical renovation and maintenance in your home. From the definition of your requirements to the delivery of the wiring diagrams, we take care of every aspect of your project.

For the wiring of your house or apartment, we ensure the electrical security of the system:

  • Restoration of your distribution board in compliance with the norms in force (NF C15-100). We only use brand names that are widely known and recognized for electric panels, such as Hager, a French brand.
  • Wiring of electric circuits (embedded or visible).
  • Installation of lighting and other fittings (sockets, switches).
  • Installation of electrically-heated floors, gentle heat radiators, or storage heaters.
  • Centralized heating management.
  • Connection of your rolling or hinged shutters to centralized management.
  • Single or double mode CMV.
  • Installation of standardized smoke detectors in all homes, in compliance with law n° 2010-238 of 9th March 2010 making these detectors compulsory.
  • Sharing of your audio-video system resources with centralized control on a single remote.
  • Enhancement of green areas by the use of optimal lighting.

You can also entrust us with the installation of your audio-visual and computer network for access to the Internet, the telephone and the television throughout your home.

The equipment installed depends entirely on your taste. In reality, the equipment is just the “tip of the iceberg” in an electric system. So it’s best to choose with care and perhaps adapt it to each room, by changing the colors for instance. There are two notable retail lines that offer an incredible choice of colors and finishes that are distinctly different; the Kallista range by Hager is a contemporary design with square shapes. The Céliane range by Legrand is softer in design with circular shapes. Both of these bring great versatility for the personalization of your home, room by room.