Just as Web 2.0 was a major development for the Internet, Electricien 2.0 makes your electrical and audio-video system interactive, easy to use, and adapted to your needs. In order to ensure you get the best for your installation, Electricien 2.0 is constantly on the cutting edge of technology so as to bring you the right solution every time..

The world of electricity is rapidly evolving. Until recently, an electrician only had to draw wires to sockets, switches, light fixtures and nothing had changed for decades. The electrical installation worked but had no flexibility, and could not be modified without making holes and channels to run wires through. As buildings have changed, so has our way of living and working in them. Rooms are used for different purposes, partitions are moved, needs and wants change.

Phaselec uses technology that has been tried and tested so as to bring flexibility to your home or your workplace: a switch is no longer limited to switching on or off the lamp that it was originally designed for. Tomorrow, by simply redirecting its function(s), it can command doors, windows, dimmers, centralized control… without complicated/major alteration work.